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Entry #1

Evolution Squared!

2009-02-01 09:54:06 by SirRealism


My first real creation has come to newgrounds! Finally I can continue my superiour plan to taking over the world! From my Evil Lair I will rule all! ALL I tell you!

After 2 weeks of testing on my own site, I decided it was time to reveal this game to a wider public... Soon more minions will join my army....

Join as well and you will be rewarded!


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2009-02-01 10:50:13

great game dude that kicked ass, how long did that take you make?

SirRealism responds:

About half a year I guess XD
Thanks for liking it! ^^


2009-02-02 03:56:20

Well done

SirRealism responds:

Why Thank you! ^^


2009-02-02 10:40:54

Hi, there! I really LOVED your game. It's this kind of games I love to play. Games where you just have to collect points to continue and for every level it gets harder, those kind of games are boring. I like minigames, that makes things more fun than just play one game all the time! So I gave you 5/5!

And YES, I want to join your army but I dont know what you'r meaning with it, a REAL army or a VERY GOOD flash COLLAB??!!!


SirRealism responds:

Hooray! I'm happy you like it! =D
I need to build up an army so I can take over the world and rule as one great leader and be worshipped by all! Sooo...That's basically my plan. I will need a large collection of monocles though.
Thanks again! ^^


2009-02-02 16:50:05

this is a great game! I love the evolution concepts. I wish I could make flash, all I know is Java. Anyway, keep it up! Also, you should post this on Kongregate and give it some badge API.

(Updated ) SirRealism responds:

Yes, I am going to post it on Kongregate. Probably on february 4th. I wanted to make sure I enter the monthly contest XD Hah...I need money to take over the world right? =P


2009-02-03 18:21:10

Oh, yeah, forgot about the contest. Good Luck! I'll give you a five on Kong!

(Updated ) SirRealism responds:

Hooray! Thanks, I'll submit it someday! =D


2009-02-04 19:45:16

great game whoever you are but you should know that i too am trying to take over the world and nothing not even you will get in my way..... unless you have a death wish do you have one? other than that you should join my army and great game make more!!!!!!


2009-02-05 11:04:14

Awesome work there

SirRealism responds:

Yaaaay! Thank you! =D


2009-02-05 17:40:34

A shipment of 500 night vision monocles will be shipped to your lair by tomorrow. Good luck.

SirRealism responds:

According to plan! Muhahahahahaha


2009-02-05 17:41:26

Oh, and watch out for floodlights when you're wearing those.

SirRealism responds:

Sure I will...


2009-02-05 22:02:52

awesome game. you must've put a lot of effort into it!

SirRealism responds:

Yay! thanks! =D


2009-02-06 13:25:21

If i get a nightviion monocle, i will join your army to take over the world. Oh and, make the world vegetarian.
Btw. really neat game you made fella, good work!

SirRealism responds:

XD thanks! Nightvision monocles WILL be included!
(btw my designer is a veggy too XD)


2009-02-09 12:40:48

good game! can you make a sequel?


2009-02-11 00:43:34

New favorite flash artist!!! I love you!! whats the website?!?!

SirRealism responds:


2009-02-12 22:38:34

I have sent a shipment of 500 Monocle Lazers and Aerial Bombs to your lair. They will be there by tommorow.

SirRealism responds:

Excellent, excellent...



2009-02-25 12:48:01

How... did the monocle and horns further the creatures abilities to survive?

SirRealism responds:

It didn't...but that us all part of my secret plan...mouAHAHAHAHA