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MDBR: "The Great Siege"

2009-04-28 09:39:53 by SirRealism

Dear Readers,

After my pathetic attempt of a research I have decided to follow Egoraptor's advice and look at other games to find out what makes them good, or why people appreciate them.

The most interesting kind of games to research (in my opinion) are flash games. They are produced within only a few months and are very fashion sensitive. For example tower defence games were really popular a few months ago, but now physics-based games seem to most popular.
Finding a good flash game to review isn't that hard, I get a Newgrounds top 5 of the previous day's submissions in my inbox every morning. Every Monday I shall write a review about the highest rated game in that list concentrated on why they are liked that much.

My latest Monday's "Daily Best" Review (MDBR) is about The Great Siege! You can read it here: link ^^
The other reviews can be found here: Another Link ^^
Don't get disappointed because there are only 3 reviews yet, I will write one every monday!


~Sir Realism

Dear Readers,

I am conducting a research to find out how import certain aspects of a game are. I am doing this by slowly creating a simple game for which I will upload (per version) two different versions (jep, a version of a version) for every new concept. The first will have the new concept and the second one won't. I will ask people to play one of them (chosen at random) and then grade it on how much they enjoyed playing it. They are allowed to play them both, but only to rate the first one they played! In the end I'll be capable of seeing how much better a game becomes after having this new concept implemented, by comparing the different ratings they got. The more ratings I have the more accurate my research will be! About once a week I will upload a new version (with 2 different version) for a new subject. The game I'll be using is called The Vineologist and here's a link to it's page:
The Vineologist
(this page will also give some more information on the research).

The first subject has been "Gameplay Versus Art", but it is more about how important art is. Because gameplay is a standard requirement for games and cannot really be tested, or at least not in the way I'm doing it. Here's the link for the first subject:
Gameplay Versus Art

The Seccond subject is about Instructions and how important they are for making people understand a game. Although my game is really simple and doesn't really need instructions I have still made 2 different versions. One with text explanation and one with drawn explanation. Of course there is also a placebo (a plain version) to calculate the difference. Until now the results are quite astonishing, being that the explanation actually makes the game better, and that the drawn explanation (being not really explaining) make the game better then the clear and understandable text one! The link to this subject's article is this:
The Importance of Instructions

So the main idea is that you read the article and then, at random, choose 1 of the 2 (or 3) links. Then you should play that game and rate it on how much you enjoyed playing it. You are allowed to play the others but not to rate them!

To see all the article about my 'Search for the Holy Game' look here:
Have fun reading and playing the different versions!

Kind Regards,

~Sir Realism

Ps. Please tell me what you think of this research and what subjects might be interesting to talk about in the future! ;)

Evolution Squared!

2009-02-01 09:54:06 by SirRealism


My first real creation has come to newgrounds! Finally I can continue my superiour plan to taking over the world! From my Evil Lair I will rule all! ALL I tell you!

After 2 weeks of testing on my own site, I decided it was time to reveal this game to a wider public... Soon more minions will join my army....

Join as well and you will be rewarded!